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Daniele e Lucia



Wind and Sea are my life long companions, they teach and inspire me. Earthy scrubland fragrances and walks with Snoopy calm my mind. 

Family is the cradle of love and the most valuable human project. For me yoga and inner seeking are like the stick for a balancer, a basic tool to keep in balance on the fascinating string of life. 


I love family, sociality, art, magic, people who see Life beyond the veil of illusion. The Mistral is my guiding wind. This project is conceived with the intention of merging the all round knowledge of yoga with the taste of an innocent kitchen, the cooperation of different talents and the love for Mother Earth.  

I am an Oriental psychologist, graduated in social psychology. I am doing a master in neuroscience and I am a 500 RYT yoga teacher, basically in perpetual evolution.

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